What we do

Looking to the future by becoming better and more efficient – Passamar’s effort are focused on devoloping, producing and selling highly emotive premium imaging solutions that inspire our costumers around the world.

Services and Consultancy

We care first with our costumers’ needs.

We create customized products and develop unique, creative and innovative solutions for you.

Each costumer has a contact person. We have a team of qualified professionals to offer you a personalized and specialized service.


A complete integration between online orders, stocks and logistics means that our costumers will be focused on the core business of their business.

Control and Traceability

We provide real-time tracking and order traceability. Pick-ups of goods and orders can be shipped to the most suitable place for the costumer.

World Distribution

We provide distribution services worldwide.


In a very simple way, it is possible to create labels with percentages and descriptions without any risk of transcription errors and with total autonomy.

Global Production

We have collaborated with clients from all over the world to find the best solutions for their needs, offering quality and innovation that have always been a hallmark of our activity.

Research and Development

It is the main driving force for future growth and it is a vital part of Passamar’s strategy. For Passamar, quality means meeting the demands of our costumers. This commitment was consolidated during our 30 years of experience. The Passamar brand guarantee is given by highly qualified skills as well as advanced technology, research and innovation.


Our quality policy consists of a rigorous system of technical and management procedures that involve research and development of reliable and safe products, selection of raw materials from qualified suppliers, regular control of the production process and after-sales service.

This constant commitment to quality and excellence has allowed us to obtain several certifications by independent entities.